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Dear Customers,

we inform you that some of our services cannot be guaranteed due to the ongoing adjustment to the official provisions of COVID-19.

For more details feel free to contact us at +39/06/33626401.

The Management

Organization, cleaning and disinfection of common areas

• The floors in the common areas are washed and disinfected with products suitable for the different types of materials at least twice a day, and in any case with an appropriate frequency for crowding them during the day;
• for furniture and all contact surfaces, periodic disinfection is carried out, the closer the greater the flow of guests;
• push-button panels and other surfaces and furnishings in frequent contact with guests (handrails, light switches, lift buttons, door and window handles, swimming pool and relaxation areas, chairs, benches and other seats and furnishings in general) are cleaned every whenever repeated use by customers requires it;
• the common structures (bathrooms, toilets, showers, sinks, sinks) will be managed to make use possible by respecting the interpersonal spacing of at least 1 meter and avoiding gatherings. Particular attention will be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of shared toilets, showers and washbasins. Thorough cleaning and disinfection will be performed at least 2 times a day. Due to a higher turnout of guests, in the case of occupancy of more than 70% of the pitches without toilets in the structure (thus excluding mobile homes, bungalows and pitches with private bathrooms), cleaning and disinfection will be carried out at least 3 times per day. 
• in general, a good air exchange will be guaranteed in all environments where workstations and personnel are present by opening the various windows and balconies more frequently. In the case of service rooms without windows, but equipped with mechanical fans / extractors, these will be kept in operation for at least the entire working time. The company will provide suitable detergent means for a recommended frequent hand cleaning (unit for dispensing disinfectant gel in different areas).

Cleaning and disinfection of apartments / bungalows

• The staff in charge of cleaning and refurbishing the rooms and cleaning and common areas are equipped with individual protection devices necessary for the proper performance of the work entrusted to them;
• the cleaning of the apartments / bungalows will follow the extraordinary protocols developed by the Company, so as to guarantee effective disinfection of the premises, surfaces and furnishings contained in them;
• for each apartment will be used cleaning material (cloths, wipes and everything necessary for cleaning and dusting) disposable or previously treated with a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution for 10 minutes or with another treatment of equal effectiveness;
• bed linen will be washed and disinfected according to procedures that guarantee total sanitization and delivered in individual sealed packages;

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